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HNNN. Those bastards really don't give up do they? And they always pick the worst times to bring me back!

[Luffy was wandering through the forest for the millionth-umnphtenth time since he first got here, mumbling to himself about how much he hates 'those bastards' and how he wanted to kick Mingo's ass. Well, at the very least The Straw Hat captain took some joy in getting the chance to see some old faces again! He actually wondered who was still here and how much time has past since his last abduction. Eventually, the rubber boy comes to a stop.]

...I wonder if they changed how the village looks.

[Actually, that would be cool right? Some revamps to the structure and what not? That thought actually made him pretty excited! So, instead of just walking like a normal person, Luffy is going to use his rubber powers to literally fling himself into town. Which will inevitably cause him to crash, slam into or break whatever he comes into contact with. Whether that's a bench, or a window, or a person. And when the dust settles, he will just be lying or sitting there with his arms crossed and a disgruntled look on his face.]

EHH!? So, they really didn't change this dump at all!? [He's more concerned about aesthetics than anything else. Don't worry whatever he broke or messed up will be fine! Eventually. In some way or another.]


Oi, guys! Since people always look so bored on the journals, I've been thinking about a new journal game! It's called VERSUS! You just pick two people from Luceti you want to see fight, and other people get to choose who they think'll win! It sounds really cool right!? Yosh, I'll start it!

Goku versus...-- [Hmmmmm.] Vash!

[ooc: SO A MILLION YEARS LATER but here's my intro! Feel free to catch Luffy somewhere in the forest if you want to get him fresh out the gate and not slamming into the ground! I also welcome threadhopping for VERSUS. These discussions are srs bzn yo.]
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Whelp, I finally got around to this! I've been meaning to do it for a long time now, but yeah. This is just a big place holder for now. It's nothing too fancy, but I think I prefer something more easier to access and edit than the big fancy HTML stuff.

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Okami Amaterasu
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[A certain Strawhat captain is hanging out in the grocery store today, his hands placed firmly on his hips as he stares at the large selection of different foods available.]

Yooosh yosh. Raine said over the journals that school was gonna be starting soon. I’m gonna need to practice a lot if I’m ever gonna do well on that test. Hnnn. She said I needed math, science, and—- what was the other one? […] Oh yeah! Writing! Ahh, I shouldn’t have to worry about that. I’ve been writing on the journals for years so I’m already good at it. [No he’s not.] And science is gonna be annoying. So that leaves… math! And first thing I’ll do-- [And he stretches his hand over to pick up some meat, junk food, and other various foods!] Shishishi. Is ADDITION!

One! [And he stuffs some of the random assortment of food in his mouth.]

TWO! [And he swallows a handful of junk food.]


[And this will continue until he’s pretty much cleared out a decent chunk of the stores food supply. Which might or might not come as a big shock if you’re used to seeing him in the store. Luffy usually does this from time to time. Though he doesn’t usually count how much he eats when he devours everything in sight. Unless he's interrupted he'll probably reach the mid to late 70s until he's satisfied.

Later in the evening he’s going to be doing the same thing except this time he’s going into a restaurant. And instead of counting handfuls of meat or junk foods, he’s actually just going to be sliding whole plates of food into his mouth and counting each one. Probably something like this video! He can reach over a 100 easy, but he'll prooobably be stopped before then! Maybe. Hopefully.]


Hey, I know a lot of you guys are going to school here or went back at home right? Well, how do you get ready for tests? I’ve been doing math all day but I still don’t feel any better at it. And I’m starting to run out of stomach room...

[ooc: Phew. Sorry I've been gone for so long guys. Work pretty much wrecked me for the longest time. Since I did kind of disappear like that and didn't go on hiatus (my bad) I'm going to just assume Luffy was on background autopilot. That probably makes it easier since I'm SURE someone would have noticed by now if he was mallynapped. If you guys have any threads you want to wrap up or do or things you need to discuss about it though don't be too shy to IM me! My aim is Essemwolf.]


Aug. 14th, 2012 01:05 am
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[So sometime after this Luffy is going to go find his journal and camp out on a branch up in a tree for a bit so he can make an entry. The feed will be a little obscure until he’s actually able to flip the journal around the correct way.]

There we go. Oi, guys! It’s me, I’m back again! And I had the strangest time back home too. I had to fight this weird clown guy and-- ahh, I’ll tell you later! Anyway, did I miss anything? I haven’t been gone for years or something right? [And he let’s out a chuckle.] I can’t imagine how awkward that’d be...


Oh, yeah! So I need some major help with something. How do you enter into school? I want to learn this really cool thing, but I’m gonna need school to do it. I only need to know math and science though. I don’t need all that other stuff, so do I just talk to Raine, or can I walk in one day?

[And with that, he'll close the journal and wait for replies! If anyone needs him, he's going to be at the dressing room for a while so he can get his clothes back! And after that point he's going to walk back to the Strawhat house, so feel free to catch him at any point!]
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[The feed for the journal clicks on by itself revealing that hey! This is Luffy’s room (if you don’t know Luffy, or haven’t been to his room you can probably assume it’s a random room!). Though Luffy himself doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. The covers rustle and the bed springs squeak as Luffy sits up, grumbling slightly. He’s not seen since the feed is currently recording the ceiling, but he DOES grab onto the journal by the side.

And then proceeds to walk through the house giving a nice little obscured vision tour of the place before he gets to the bathroom. At which point he turns on the light and the journal is tossed casually into the sink. If you were watching this, obviously he had just woken up and nature was calling for him.

He probably figured this would be an ordinary kind of day. Get up, use the bathroom, wash his hands, read through the journal a bit, brush his teeth. The usual stuff he did in the morning. There is a loud ziiiiiiiiiiiip to be heard before a long, drawn out silence. Followed by a very loud, and rather girly, scream.

TL;DR? A girl is screaming through the journals!]




[Luffy comes out of the house in a confident pose, her hand on her hips and a grin on her face. Even if he had been turned into a girl he still wasn’t going to let this ruin his day! That’s just what the Malnosso bastards want after all.]

Alright! First thing on the list is the meat shop! [And then she starts running towards there! Now unfortunately Luffy didn’t exactly change her top before leaving the house and since she‘s still wearing her shirt open, this is giving her no actual support. And thus running is a rather uncomfortable process thanks to the constant bouncing. Though because anime physics, the top still somehow stays in place and her boobs don’t actually come out. Still didn't make it anymore comfortable.]

Ow, ow, ow, ow ow! DAMN! [She stops.] Ugh. These things are gonna be more of an annoyance than anything else! How am I suppose to— ah, wait!! [She starts running again.]

Ow, ow, ow— if I get to the clothing shop—ow. I’ll definitely find something that can help!

[And later, at the clothing shop Luffy is looking through loads and loads of women shirts, not exactly seeing anything worthwhile. She figures she’s going to need help if she wants to find anything that’ll help her. So hey, if your character is female, they might begin to notice Luffy getting gradually closer to them as she is looking through the racks of clothes.

When you see her at first she’s on the other side of the shop. And then everytime you look up she gets just a teeny bit closer. Until she is right beside you, at first trying to act all casual as if she’s still shopping, but then looking over at you and whispering.]

Hey… which one of these shirts do you think would be best at holding… “girly things”?

[ooc: Luffy has been turned into a girl! Expect tag things to come from [personal profile] gumgumboobies. Also feel free to run into Luffy at any point of the day in the action part! When she first leaves the house, boob running, or at the clothing shop! And of course anyone in the Strawhat house at the time can feel free to notice the screaming!]
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[Hey guys! Today happens to be a very special day for Luffy! It’s his birthday, and instead of Luffy getting a plain old boring cake like he usually does, he wants to get something a little… different this year. But to do it, he’s going to need a loooot of meat. And I mean a lot. So the first place he starts is at the Item Shop so he can get some big brown anime like bags to store items in! And the first place he’s going to go with these items?!

The meat shop! Or, well. The grocery store rather. And there he is going to be gathering a large amount of meat, stuffing as much as he can into one of his bags, cleaning out a majority of the place’s meat supply. Don’t worry, they can just respawn later, it’ll be cool! Anyway, once he leaves he’ll look into his bags at all the meat he managed to gather and decides that still isn’t going to be enough. He wasn’t planning to do Phase 3 unless he really had to, but he doesn’t have much of a choice at this point.

SO LUCETI! Luffy is sneaking around the village, gathering all the meat he can by any means necessary! Or die tryin’. Are you at a restaurant getting ready to eat a large meat filled meal? Sitting at a bench about to eat a burger? Or maybe the window to your house/apartment is open somehow, and you decided to have a quick meal or snack. Regardless of what you’re trying to eat, you can expect a stretched rubbery hand to sneak up on you and snatch the meat from your plate or hand before you have the chance to bite it. Afterwards he’ll stuff it into his bag!

Later, after he’s done with his meat gathering he’s going to start pulling a red wagon full of heavy bags that are full of meat! Feel free to notice him at any point of the day!]


Guys! I got this reeeeeally big project that I’ve been working hard on all day. Today’s my birthday, but instead of having a plain dumb ol’ cake like I do every year I want to make something that’s gonna be so much cooler! I want to make a giant meatcake! It’s gonna have mashed potatoes for frosting and meat filling [Obv.] and a lot of other stuff!

I can’t really cook though so I’m gonna need help if I wanna make it. I want it to be HUGE! As big as a house! [Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get it. He also… wouldn’t argue if someone agreed to do that.] Are there any chefs out there who would be willing to make something like that?

[He would ask Sanji but he and Nami JUST got back from a mission. He’d really not bother him if he could avoid it.]
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[Anyone who’s near the edge of town might hear the echo of Luffy’s voice before a huge boulder sized ball comes rolling through town at high speeds, accidentally crushing anything that isn’t an actual living squishy being in it’s path.]

MOVE! MOVE MOVE MOOOOOOVE! [Yes. That giant boulder thing is actually talking. And the voice that's coming out of it is Luffy's. Luckily he has enough control to the point that he won’t accidentally crush anyone. Well. Hopefully. He might just... nearly crush a few people that’s all.]


[Luffy actually had a somewhat valid reason for his brashness this time though. He was starving and as a member of the Akimichi clan, that was never a good thing. Especially in his case. But feel free to try and stop him, wtf, or whatever. He might even slow down and try to talk to some peeps if they're consistent.]


[Well after that whole mess is over, Luffy is at the grocery store, happily munching on whatever foods he can get his hands on. He decides to go ahead and open his journal to ask the general public a rather general question.]

Guys! [He says with a mouth full of food.]

If you could only eat one kind of meat for the rest of your life... what kind of meat would you eat?

OOC/AU Info )
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[Locked from Katara // 20% Unhackable.]

Guy guys! I’m coming up with this really cool poem to give to Katara for Valentines Day! It’s gonna be really awesome I just need help with it! Okay, here’s what I got so far.

[Ahem. And then he takes out a piece of paper.]

..........Katara. […

That’s it.]


[Luffy is in the store today checking out all the amazing Valentines Day chocolate boxes. Normally he wouldn’t care for things like this, but since he’s been with Katara, he’s been doing some things he normally wouldn’t. Which is why today he’s shopping for Valentines Day presents. He picks up one of the boxes and opens it to see what kind of chocolate candies are inside.]

Uuuooooh! Katara is gonna love these! [And then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small plastic sandwich bag. He takes out two or three chocolates from the box and puts it in the bag before dumping the rest into his mouth. WHAT! She doesn't need the ones she won’t like anyway! He continues this with every Valentines Day candy box he finds in the store.

After that is done he's going to search around for Katara to give her all the chocolates he's gathered! (well if she hasn't found him before he's done or hacked the entry.)]

[ooc: Luffy and Katara are both under the Always In Love Option of this event! Basically they've been all lovey dopey for about three months now! SO YEAH! HAVE FUN!]
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[A huge collab post for all my characters! Feel free to bombard any of my guys! Just put in the subject title which one you want!

Bruce: Needless to say Bruce isn’t going to be incredibly social with the heavy influx of new people. Instead he’s going to be trying to figure out exactly what the hell is going on. Does this have something to do with the Shifts? He’s sitting under a tree somewhere outside of the village hoping to have peace as he scribbles stuff into his notepad.

Hulk: Hulk is hoping around town trying to get to the forest and away from all these annoying human people. There was more than enough humans before, he can’t stand the amount that’s here since the influx. =|

Luffy: The sudden influx of people is a little wtf for Luffy but he just shrugs it off and jumps up to the roof of one of the stores in the plaza. He's looking over the crowd to see if he spots anyone he recognizes.

Shino:Shino is in the grocery store… shopping for winter melon. Hopefully he will be able to just get his winter melon and leave before anyone bothers him. =|]
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[So your character is planning on leaving their house, or the library, or the store, or the bar, or their apartment, or… well just about anywhere in Luceti. And as soon as they open or even get close to the door there is a Luffy standing there blocking their path. And he is wearing THIS. His fake beard flowing gently in the wind even though there is no wind present and he grips his staff tightly.]

Have you not seen the pompous buffoonery afoot? I cannot allow you massage!

[He fails at old man wizardry speech. But if the person protests or questions his methods in anyway he is going to take drastic measures!]

If you refuse to listen to reason, I’ll have to resort to drastic measures--!!!

[Slowly he grips his staff with both hands and raises it high in the air.]





[Tunk. His staff hits the ground lightly.]

[ooc: If it’s not obvious! Luffy is Gandalf! And you ain’t leaving!]
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[While everyone is undoubtedly having loads of fun with all the insane chaos going on throughout the village, there's a Luffy amidst all the insanity. And behind him is variety of animals. Strange looking animals at that. All of them appear to be in fighting positions of some sort.]

If you wanna survive this Hell, you do what I do! YOU HEAR ME BASTARDS!?

[They all let out a loud cry in unison.]


ONE! [He punches the air and the rest follow pursuit. Although the ones that are incapable of punching will just... bite the air or something.]

TWO!!! [He punches again before doing a deep inhale.]

THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! [And then he'll get overly excited, sending out a stretched punch that will either break through a tree, shatter the wall in someone's home, punch a passerby in the face, etc. And lying on the ground somewhere is his journal that's recording this crazy little phenomenon.]

[ooc: Yes, all the creatures have been spawned from the Battledome thingy! Of course Luffy being Luffy, he hasn't figured out all of this is being caused by Battledome malfunction. So he just figures these guys are here just cause!

Also if anyone is curious basically this is happening except with a few more animals added to the mix!]


Jun. 28th, 2011 05:07 pm
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[It took him a good while to notice because Ace wasn't exactly someone who stayed still a lot in Luceti, but there was no denying it now. He had been searching for him for the past couple days now and... there was absolutely no sign of him anywhere.]

For all those who knew him... Portgas D. Ace has been returned home.

[And then there's going to be a pause and...]

...is there a place where you can put the names of the people who's left to go home on it? [He thinks he's heard of one from somewhere before, but he still isn't sure where it is. If there isn't one though he's ttly making one.]
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[When the journal’s video feed starts, it shows an unconscious Luffy laying face first on the ground, groaning as he begins to wake up from his mallynapping. It takes a few moments, but he groggily lifts his head, looking over to the journal, before reaching to grab it. The view goes obscure and starts to flip and tumble for a few seconds before Luffy’s full face comes into view. He looks tired, but he grins hugely regardless.]

So the orange goes into this bar full of bananas and makes a banana friend. After they have a few drinks the orange says “Want me to pay for it?” but then the banana just shakes his head and go “No. Let’s split it!”[And then Luffy just… bursts out laughing because apparently that was really funny and stuff. Which it ttly was.] You get it!?

Oh, but guys! You picked up my hat right? The “beep beep” robots didn’t take it did they? It’s really important.
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Hey! Can I ask you villagers a question? Can any of you fry up a monster for me really quick? I found this guy out in the forest and he looks so yummy! I’ll share it with the person who does!

Anyway, I’ll bring 'im into town so you can see.


[And sure enough, Luffy’s just casually strolling into the village carrying a knocked out beastie over his shoulder. He doesn’t know it’s only knocked out. He thought he had killed it. But unfortunately he didn't, and when it wakes up it’s probably not going to be too happy about being slung over the boy’s shoulder and dragged to the village.]
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[The video clicks on revealing Luffy’s face peering into the journal with a big grin. If one was to pay notice to the background, it is pretty obvious that he’s taking a stroll through the forest as he makes this entry.]

Guys! Guys! I gotta tell you all this super funny joke this deer just told me! Okay, so there’s this orange and he-- [And he just pauses there. His happy grin turning into a plain line face as he scans the area for a second.] JET PISTOL!! [And that’s the sound of his rubber fist slamming into something that sounds metal like and it getting sent flying into the forest.]

Eh? What was that? ... Anyway so this orange goes into a bar, full of bananas-- JET WHIP! Argh. Persistent bastards. They don’t know when to qui—- wait, I know you guys! You’re the bastards that got me last time!

[He sets his journal down, and puts his hat on top of it.]

In case I don’t win, one of you guys hold onto this for me okay? I’ll definitely be back for it. [And then he’s going to run off screen and have a huuuge battle with all the robots that he’ll inevitably lose. “One of you guys” is ambiguous. He’s fine with any of his friends keeping it safe for him, but chances are the Strawhats have dibs! o/

You probably already know by now, but anyone who goes to get said hat will probably see a ton of chaos and damage around the general area. Sorry Moroooo! He tried not to hit the trees as best as he could! D=]
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[The sound of Luffy’s voice echoing through the air is the only warning anyone within the general vicinity of the plaza will get before the body of a certain [livejournal.com profile] awakenedchaos goes whistling pass and slamming hard into the plaza’s fountain. She isn’t dead, but she is knocked unconscious, and is in need of medical attention. If anyone were to examine her body they would find that she hasn’t taken many blows, but the few that did manage to land on her hit hard. So hard in fact that a few of her ribs were inevitably broken from the impact.

Looking for the attacker will only prove to be futile though. One quick Jet Missile was all he needed to near instantly launch himself out of the area.]


[A few minutes later he’ll make a journal entry about the whole thing. He’s not bothering to filter this straight to Yuber since he’s pretty sure most people know he did it by now anyway. He takes in a deeeeeeep breathe before speaking. Better cover your ears Luceti, this is going to be loud.]



[And then he’ll slam the journal shut.

Strawhats, you might have a Luffy climbing through the window all casual like. The door is too slow. And not stealthy enough obviously. He gained some injuries himself during the fight. Mostly a ton of cuts and bruises all over his body. Nothing really life threatening. Well not life threatening by Shonen standards at least.]


Mar. 4th, 2011 12:57 am
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Oi, Sokka! C'mere you bastard, I'm gonna give you a hug!

[Yes he spent a tiiiny bit of time gazing through old entries that he might've missed and found this one. So yes, definitely giving Sokka the HUG HE DESERVES. Probably should've locked this to Sokka in hindsight, but oh well! Too late now!]

[ooc: Might be a little slow because of meme and old entry, but I'll get to tags eventually!]


Feb. 25th, 2011 04:44 pm
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[So after waking up in his New Feather clothes out in the forest, Luffy managed to find his way back to town and went straight for the clothes shop. He had his journal with him, but he decided not to make an entry about his return. That would be boring. He wanted to surprise all his friends and meet them face to face. But to do that he needed his new awesome clothes first.

Luckily the Malnosso decided to be generous for once and actually had his outfit in the clothing shop as opposed to the one Hancock gave him to disguise himself. But hopefully it'd appear at some point though. It'd be nice to have a memento of her here.

Whelp, now all he had to do was gear up.]

Man. Two whole years... I don’t think I’ve ever been sent home for that long. [He starts to put his arms through his red cardigan.] How long was I gone for anyway? I wonder if anyone’s changed since I left. [He takes his yellow sash in his hands and wraps it around his waist before tying it.]

Nnnn. Where’d I put it—-ah. [He reaches for his straw hat and practically slams it on top of his hand.] Yosh! I'm ready.

[Luffy is going to just wander to different places in Luceti looking for all his buddy friends, but feel free to bump into him even if you’re not. He'll be happy to talk to just about anyone right now really. Along his search he'll be going into all store/restaurant/whatever in Lucet seeing if he can surprise anyone there.

He'll also head out into the forest since he wants to see Moro, and he might even swing by a few houses for a surprise visit (If he knows where you live). The last place he stops is going to be the Strawhat’s house, but they can feel free to run into him before then. Besides the new outfit and huge scar on his chest, he hasn't changed much guys! o/

And yes he already had on his blue shorts shuddaaap!]
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[Hey Strawhats! I sure hope you don't mind him taking just about every single mirror inside the house today! Don't worry he'll definitely return them later. But since it's awfully rude to suddenly steal every mirror in the house without warning he'll leave a note on the table!

"Guys! Come to town! It's gunna b awesum! :D


And it will indeed be awesome. Anyone wandering into town square may notice LASER BEEEAMS from his little laser toy car Kokonoe built for him! He'll be deflecting the lasers off random mirrors he's placed around the square. Now these things are v. v. dangerous so you should leave these to the professionals. Like Luffy. Who, after testing the laser beams, is surrounding himself with mirrors so he can make a laser beam fortress.]

Battle Dome: No powers, no items, Final Destination )


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